"Video production for everybody"

Great Little Media

“Sound is nice. Video certainly helps.  But all that really matters is that you tell your story”

– Ian Colquhoun

So, What's your story?

Want to tell your family story?

Have you got films, videos, slides or photos? We can help them live again.

NPO or small business and need a video?

Local business or non-profit organisation? We can help you create a video for your business.

Looking to get a new website?

We can build you a beautiful, responsive website that will be perfect for whatever you need.

Video for social change

Trying to be more “green” at home? Making changes to your business model to reflect a social, ethical and ecological stance?
We can help you.
Got a video or photos that show the world what you are doing? We will post your efforts here, free of charge.
Or help you create a video if you need one.