Who Are We?

We Are Great Little Media.
And we help people tell stories.

Our Mission

To help you tell YOUR story. Simple.

Our logo is the oak tree. It symbolizes the creation of great things from tiny beginnings.

Extraordinary Service

We try always to provide more than our clients expect.

Our aim is to see that you receive the best, most appropriate assistance for your particular project – even if that means sending you to someone else.

Our Core Values

To align our business and personal values 

Here’s a bit more detail, if you want:

Great Little Media is a boutique media production company. We provide industrial strength production values and quality to the domestic market, non profit organizations and small businesses.

Coming from an engineering background, our editor, Ian, has spent 31 years working in television and main-stream post-production.  Great Little Media was founded in 2002 on our conviction that the standard of work provided by those same mainstream studios could be made affordable for domestic clients, small businesses and NPO’s.

It’s all about story telling. Everyone has a story to tell and we are specialists in helping our clients find their unique voice.  Whether you are an individual with treasured (and priceless!) memories to preserve or a non-profit organisation that needs video production to publicise your very important work, we can help you.

Our principal area of operations is in helping people tell their life stories in their own way. We can transform any existing media or create new material as required to assist people to preserve and present their stories.

A newer area for us is working towards social change.  We are doing this through our Green Living Matters operations. We know how important video is in today’s world and whatever your budget, if you or your company are also committed to positive social change, you should be able to have a video presence, whether for fund raising, on your website, or to document your special journey.